Consultation: Practice Exam-Refresher


Step 1. For Consultation: Please leave a detailed message with your name, state, and contact number where you can be reached to schedule an introductory phone meeting.

Step 2. Practice exam:  A requirement as part of the learning process to access  how much you remember and what subject you need to refresh in.

Step 3. Refresher course: A scheduled video meeting that is recommended following the results of the practice exam and is demonstrated only on certain days during the week.


Video meetings are scheduled based on the date of your State Board Exam, you will receive an email with the day and time of the meeting along with a link and id number to join in.


  • All (video meetings) refresher courses are conducted in (3) hour sessions and start at a rate of $75.00 USD per session.
  • Any additional hours must be paid before continuing a video meeting. Packages are available for you in weekly or monthly payments.
  • Monthly courses are (8) sessions at a rate of $600.00 USD with a down payment of $150.00 USD to reserve your session.


2 thoughts on “Steps to begin

  1. I have renewed my cosmetology license already. I have not worked in the business since 1994. Everything has changed example, slicing, foils, extensions, wild colors non- prescision haircuts, mens clipper cuts. These are the things I need to refresh myself on. I’m having a problem navigation your website. How can you help me with my refresher needs? I live in Jupiter, Florida

    Cathy Silva

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