Steps to begin

Consultation: Practice Exam-Refresher

Step 1. For Consultation: Please leave a detailed message with your name, state, and contact number where you can be reached to schedule an introductory phone meeting.

Step 2. Practice exam:  A requirement as part of the learning process to access  how much you remember and what subject you need to refresh in.

Step 3. Refresher course: A scheduled video meeting that is recommended following the results of the practice exam and is demonstrated only on certain days during the week.

Video meetings are scheduled based on the date of your State Board Exam, you will receive an email with the day and time of the meeting along with a link and id number to join in.


19 thoughts on “Steps to begin

  1. I have renewed my cosmetology license already. I have not worked in the business since 1994. Everything has changed example, slicing, foils, extensions, wild colors non- prescision haircuts, mens clipper cuts. These are the things I need to refresh myself on. I’m having a problem navigation your website. How can you help me with my refresher needs? I live in Jupiter, Florida

    Cathy Silva

  2. I am interested in taking refresher coure’s, if you could tell me the corrrect way to do it. Also is there finiancial aid?

  3. I have had my Texas license for 10 years , I worked in a salon 9 years ago, and I need my confidence back, things have changed, can you help me with that?

  4. Hello
    I am interesting in taking the cosmetology practical refresher course to pass the state board.I can be reach in the evening from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

    1. Hi
      Are you still looking to take a refresher course with me. I’m offering classes for a low rate for the summer. Let me know if you’re available for a 30 minute Introduction class.

      Ms. LaVette

      1. Hi
        Are you still looking to take a refresher course with me. I’m offering classes for a low rate for the summer. Let me know if you’re available for a 30 minute Introduction class.

        Ms. LaVette

  5. Hello
    I am looking to retake the state board exam after letting my license expire. Looking for a refresher course to help me pass.

    1. Hi Ashely,

      I can help you prepare for your state board exam? What state are you currently in? Are you available for a 30 minute introduction class today at 3:30PM?

      Ms. LaVette

  6. Hi LaVette,

    I am trying to reinstate my NJ cosmetology license and need a refresher course.
    Are you still offering refresher courses?

  7. If I went to beauty school, took the written exam but never took the practical can I take the refresher course to obtain my license?

    1. Hello Mac

      Congrats on taking your written exam, however, if your state requirements are to pass both exams you will need to take the practical if it’s still offered at this time. What state did you take your written exam?

      Ms. LaVette

  8. Hello Ms. LaVette, how are you? My name is Khanthong (Anna). I had my cosmetology license but I let it go about maybe 3 years or so now. I just want to get my license back but the state boards are requiring me to do a 135 hour refresher course. So I need your help mam. 😄

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Anna
      I apologize for just responding back to you. I’m only offering tutoring classes to help you prepare to take the exam but not the hours at this time. Please let me know if you still need the help to take the exam if possible.

      Ms. LaVette

  9. I had my license for 18 years I let it go when I had kids I’ve not done hair for 20 years and they told me needed to retake all exams but times have changed and there’s a lot more details in tests and now nails are included as wel. Will this refresher course help that I. An learn and retake boards. I really don’t want to have to go back through school again..

    1. Hi Renee
      I’m following up with you to see if you still need a refresher course to help you prepare for the state exams. Please let me know as soon as possible I have discounted packages for the month of August and September.

      Ms. LaVette

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