Commonly Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for license renewal in the state that I live in? If I have been licensed for over 5-20 years but my license is still active do I need to refresh in the curriculum in order to take the exam?
  • I have completed all the hours needed to take the exam, what should I do next?  I have already taken the exam several times and did not pass what should I do to help me figure out what I am doing wrong?
  • How much is it to take the state board exam?  How many questions should I expect on the state board test?  Do you have a practice exam that I can take?
  • I have been out of the field for a couple of years should I just take the exam or take some refresher courses first?
  • I have my license I just need to update my hair cutting, coloring, styling, etc. do you offer any of these courses, if not, where can I sign up for them?   I just graduate with all of my hours and I don’t feel confident enough to take the exam can you help me?
  • What questions are on the state board exam written and practical?
  • How much do you charge for refresher courses? I want to learn some of the new techniques in cosmetology, what’s the trend now? How old do you have to be to start my career in cosmetology?
  • I am already licensed, how can I build my clientele?  Do you know anything about braiding hair or weaving?I want to specialize in a specific area, how do I get started? I’m a single mom how can I get started when I don’t have the time?


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