Refresher Study Courses

  • shampoo & Blow Drying
  • Wet Hairstyling includes Finger waving/Pin curls
  • Thermal Curling/Straightening
  • Haircutting
  • Formulating Hair color/Block coloring
  • Methods of Hair Extensions
  • La-Braziliana Keratin Treatment
  • Bio Ionic Retex System
  • Chemistry & Electricity
  • Nails/disorders/diseases
  • Nail enhancements
  • Facials/Facial make up
  • State Board Exam Review
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    1. Have my 1500hours don’t have license,trying to get them need a refresh coarse
      Went to jordon college in g.r.1991-92 there closed I contacted state board they said look to see. Who offers a refresh class.this is my passion would love to ne able to get my license.

          1. Good morning please leave me your contact number and I’ll call you today to set up an introduction class on zoom.
            Thanks, Ms. LaVette

    2. Hello,

      I am looking for a refresher course. I completed all of my hours and graduated from school, however, I was pregnant at the time and about to have my baby so I never took the state board test. I am looking for a refresher course to update me to current trends (I may have some hours I need to make-up since the hour requirement has increased since I was last in school, waiting to hear back from the state board on that) and I need to get ready for the boards. If you can help me in any way, please let me know.

      Thank you in advance for your time.


      Meriah Jenkins

    3. I had my license but didn’t renew them in time, i want to get them back but need to retake my written and practical test I took my test however missed it by 3points of having a 70. I need your help.. the last time I did a test was in 2014. I live in Texas, Can you help me?

      1. Hi Tina
        Are you still interested in taking refresher courses? If so I have Spring and Summer specials. Please let me know as soon as possible.

        Ms. LaVette

    4. Hello I have all my hours, since 2000 I Never went for state boards, I was already working in salons and was drenched with clientele, I thought is was to over whelming because I didnt set limits on my availability, so I kinda left the hair world and moved forward with Healthcare and became a Nurse, the money is great but hair is my passion, So After all these years I plan on getting my license and opening a salon I need your help I’m in dire need of your refresher course in all subjects, Im also looking for a mentor, so I can know how to run a successful business.

      1. Hi

        It’s Ms. LaVette I’m offering refresher courses at a lower price for the fall let me if you’re inyetested and ready to get started o getting your license .

        Ms. LaVette

        1. Hi, l am Mary. I have had my license for a long time. But, due to life issues my license expired. I was told by State Board that, l will need to take the written and practical test over. So, l need help in preparing for State Board since it been a long time out of Cosmetology School.


          1. Hi Mary
            Are you available on Tuesday at 6:30PM for an introduction class on zoom for 30 minutes. I can give you a demonstration of the refresher course will help you prepare for your exam.

        1. Hi Bertha

          I apologize for just responding back I need to check my messages more often. I’m located in New Haven, CT and I also have online tutoring classes. Let me know if you’re interested. contact me at 203-936-7610

          Ms. LaVette

    5. I graduated 2009 took state board have license well when i send renewal. But due to personal things and i was shy and quiet in college and i am 45 i cant get a job doing hair and i am hard on myself if i think i cant do it i won’t.. I would like to take a refresher course but i wprk all day in home health.. Can u help? thanks

      1. Hi Julie

        Did you take the state board exam already? Let me know if your still interested in taking a refresher course with me.

        Ms. LaVette

    6. Hello,

      I graduated from Cosmetology school 2005, since then I have worked in many different salon all over NYC and had the opportunity to work for Rachel Zoe. Not getting my license after I graduated has been on of my biggest regrets. I would love to take a refresher course if you offer one.

      Thank you,

      1. Hi
        I’m following up with you on obtaining your license. You left me a message and I don’t think I replied yet but saw your message just now and would like to offer you a refresher course at a low rate if you still need to take one.

        Ms. LaVette

    7. Hello so I got my cosmetology license in 1989. I did not renew my license on time and let 5 years pass. State board says I need to retake the test again. So I definitely need a refresher. Im in California. Can you help me?

      1. I can help you! When are you available for a 30 minute introduction class? I’m free tomorrow at 3pm your time.

        Ms. LaVette

    8. I am in Detroit and I have not renewed my cosmetology license in over 7 years, so what steps do I need to take in order to get back into my passion

      1. Hi Johnetta,

        I can help you prepare for your state board. Please let me know when you’re available for a 30 minute introduction class or leave a contact number so ai can call you to set it up.

        Ms. LaVette

      2. Hi

        I have the information for Michigan state board and can help you prepare for it. Please let me know your availability for a 30 minute introduction class. I’m free today at 3:30pm.

        Ms. LaVettr

    9. yes maam im try to see how to do a refresher or if i need to start over. i have my hours back in 89-90. i went to school at career academy. but they are now closed. but i have my 1500 hours. could you please give me info on what i need.

      1. Hello Colleen

        Please let me know if you still need to take a refresher course I am available for August and September for sign ups!
        I can reached at 203-936-7610.

        Ms. LaVette

    10. I graduated from a Private Beauty College in Illinois back in 1997. I worked in hair and owned a salon with 2 other women until I had to move out of state for my husband’s career in 2000. My license expired in 2001 and even though I came home 2 years after moving I remarried and had more children so I never renewed it. Through the years I’ve done my children’s hair and other family members and a few friends of course not charging. My kids are basically grown and I would like to get my license back and be able to work again. Ideally I would like to pay my fees and take the state board again with out going back to school for so many hours. I think I would feel better about myself. I used to have a great clientele and I truly enjoyed my work. I actually have a house that has a one station beauty salon set up. I also have always tossed the idea of becoming an instructor. No matter what I have to get my license reinstated first. I’m honestly just really scared about flunking that state board when I got a really high score when I took it years ago. I need someone to help me figure out where to start and help me with what I need to focus on for the test.

      1. Hello Candice

        Please contact me if you’re still interested in taking my refresher course 203-936-7610. I believe I can help you!

        Ms. LaVette

    11. Do you do refreshers for all states ? I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school of Raleigh in 2015 and life got in the way of me taking my exam after completing my course . I did finish and have 1500 credits for completing the cosmetology class but no I desperately need help finding someone to help me with a refresher to finish what I started .. please contact me at
      Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Savannah

        Yes I do refresher courses for all states. What state are you in? are you still in need of a refresher course? contact me at 203-936-7610

        Ms. LaVette

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