Refresher Study Courses

  • shampoo & Blow Drying
  • Wet Hairstyling includes Finger waving/Pin curls
  • Thermal Curling/Straightening
  • Haircutting
  • Formulating Hair color/Block coloring
  • Methods of Hair Extensions
  • La-Braziliana Keratin Treatment
  • Bio Ionic Retex System
  • Chemistry & Electricity
  • Nails/disorders/diseases
  • Nail enhancements
  • Facials/Facial make up
  • State Board Exam Review
  • 21 thoughts on “Refresher Study Courses

    1. Have my 1500hours don’t have license,trying to get them need a refresh coarse
      Went to jordon college in g.r.1991-92 there closed I contacted state board they said look to see. Who offers a refresh class.this is my passion would love to ne able to get my license.

    2. Hello,

      I am looking for a refresher course. I completed all of my hours and graduated from school, however, I was pregnant at the time and about to have my baby so I never took the state board test. I am looking for a refresher course to update me to current trends (I may have some hours I need to make-up since the hour requirement has increased since I was last in school, waiting to hear back from the state board on that) and I need to get ready for the boards. If you can help me in any way, please let me know.

      Thank you in advance for your time.


      Meriah Jenkins

    3. I had my license but didn’t renew them in time, i want to get them back but need to retake my written and practical test I took my test however missed it by 3points of having a 70. I need your help.. the last time I did a test was in 2014. I live in Texas, Can you help me?

      1. Hi Tina
        Are you still interested in taking refresher courses? If so I have Spring and Summer specials. Please let me know as soon as possible.

        Ms. LaVette

    4. Hello I have all my hours, since 2000 I Never went for state boards, I was already working in salons and was drenched with clientele, I thought is was to over whelming because I didnt set limits on my availability, so I kinda left the hair world and moved forward with Healthcare and became a Nurse, the money is great but hair is my passion, So After all these years I plan on getting my license and opening a salon I need your help I’m in dire need of your refresher course in all subjects, Im also looking for a mentor, so I can know how to run a successful business.

      1. Hi

        It’s Ms. LaVette I’m offering refresher courses at a lower price for the fall let me if you’re inyetested and ready to get started o getting your license .

        Ms. LaVette

    5. I graduated 2009 took state board have license well when i send renewal. But due to personal things and i was shy and quiet in college and i am 45 i cant get a job doing hair and i am hard on myself if i think i cant do it i won’t.. I would like to take a refresher course but i wprk all day in home health.. Can u help? thanks

      1. Hi Julie

        Did you take the state board exam already? Let me know if your still interested in taking a refresher course with me.

        Ms. LaVette

    6. Hello,

      I graduated from Cosmetology school 2005, since then I have worked in many different salon all over NYC and had the opportunity to work for Rachel Zoe. Not getting my license after I graduated has been on of my biggest regrets. I would love to take a refresher course if you offer one.

      Thank you,

      1. Hi
        I’m following up with you on obtaining your license. You left me a message and I don’t think I replied yet but saw your message just now and would like to offer you a refresher course at a low rate if you still need to take one.

        Ms. LaVette

    7. Hello so I got my cosmetology license in 1989. I did not renew my license on time and let 5 years pass. State board says I need to retake the test again. So I definitely need a refresher. Im in California. Can you help me?

      1. I can help you! When are you available for a 30 minute introduction class? I’m free tomorrow at 3pm your time.

        Ms. LaVette

    8. I am in Detroit and I have not renewed my cosmetology license in over 7 years, so what steps do I need to take in order to get back into my passion

      1. Hi Johnetta,

        I can help you prepare for your state board. Please let me know when you’re available for a 30 minute introduction class or leave a contact number so ai can call you to set it up.

        Ms. LaVette

      2. Hi

        I have the information for Michigan state board and can help you prepare for it. Please let me know your availability for a 30 minute introduction class. I’m free today at 3:30pm.

        Ms. LaVettr

    9. yes maam im try to see how to do a refresher or if i need to start over. i have my hours back in 89-90. i went to school at career academy. but they are now closed. but i have my 1500 hours. could you please give me info on what i need.

      1. Hello Colleen

        Please let me know if you still need to take a refresher course I am available for August and September for sign ups!
        I can reached at 203-936-7610.

        Ms. LaVette

    10. I graduated from a Private Beauty College in Illinois back in 1997. I worked in hair and owned a salon with 2 other women until I had to move out of state for my husband’s career in 2000. My license expired in 2001 and even though I came home 2 years after moving I remarried and had more children so I never renewed it. Through the years I’ve done my children’s hair and other family members and a few friends of course not charging. My kids are basically grown and I would like to get my license back and be able to work again. Ideally I would like to pay my fees and take the state board again with out going back to school for so many hours. I think I would feel better about myself. I used to have a great clientele and I truly enjoyed my work. I actually have a house that has a one station beauty salon set up. I also have always tossed the idea of becoming an instructor. No matter what I have to get my license reinstated first. I’m honestly just really scared about flunking that state board when I got a really high score when I took it years ago. I need someone to help me figure out where to start and help me with what I need to focus on for the test.

      1. Hello Candice

        Please contact me if you’re still interested in taking my refresher course 203-936-7610. I believe I can help you!

        Ms. LaVette

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