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  1. I graduated cosmetology school in 2012 in Florida, I never even applied to take my state board exam. What steps do I need to take to get on track to obtain my cosmetology license here in Florida, since it has been 4 years?

  2. Good Morning and Blessings,
    I came across your website looking for a refresher course in cosmetology. I was scrolling through TT last week and came across a sister in Christ sharing how the enemy wants us to fear using the talents that God gave us. For 20 years I have been a licensed cosmetologist and have never stepped foot into a salon. I had dreams to work and open my own shop and work in the industry and not have children. Well Gods plans are not my own, I got pregnant months after starting beauty college, I took my boards and graduated 1 month before my daughter was born. 6 months after she was born I found out I was pregnant again.
    At this time I decided to just be a mom, my babies needed me. I talked myself out of working in my field and thought I wouldn’t be good enough. But because I love helping people and making others feel beautiful, I never let it expire. I renewed my license for the next 20 years and as the renewal date is approaching, I would love to follow my dream and begin helping those women and men feel their best.

    I am in California, is your class available to me and am I able to take your class and still get the desired outcome? Thank you for your time. May God continue to bless you and use you to reach and help others.

    1. Good morning and blessings to you as well. Yes, my classes will help you achieve your goals and so much more. Are you available tomorrow at 12PM PT for a 30 minute introduction class on zoom. If so I will send you an invitation and give you more details about my course during the class.

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