Finding the right way to study can become frustrating at times especially when you have an exam the next day. I found myslef trying to remember everything I read and heard thinking that I would be able to use the information when I needed it, well, it never worked! Every single time I took an exam my mind would go blank. I couldn’t remember anything I studied or learned it was like I was loosing my mind.

Then all of a sudden a light came on and I thought of a way to organize information in my brain so that I can readily use it when I needed it. It was a six day memory skill challenge. First, I took a look at the material to see how much time I needed to study. Then, I familarized myself with the chapters, titles, and subjects. once I did all of that it all began to make sense to me. The entire book began to come to life.

I know that this story doesn’t give much detail but I will tell you that I can help you develope your study skills and memory for exam taking. If you would like to learn a little more about how to find the right way to study send me a phone invite.

Ms. LaVette