This refresher course aims to educate licensed cosmetologist and students with reading and writing comprehension skills. All senior and intermediate students with 1000 hours or more will be tested on state board finals until scheduled test dates. Practical exercises will be demonstrated to accommodate students with visual and active learning styles. The course offers group discussions on Cosmetology theory for professional development. The individuals are required to write a Life Arts Project.




The individual will develop their skills in modes of analysis and subject/topic understanding. The individual will also focus on observing their learning style and expanding their thinking utilizing compartmentalization. Key words, guidelines, and brainstorming exercises will build your confidence in testing. You will be encouraged to complete all projects, and chapters including test in “Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology,” Theory and Practical work books, including State Board exam books.





-Milady’s Standard Text Book

-Milady’s Theory Work Book

-Milady’s Practical Work Book

-Milady’s Exam Review Book

– 8×11 Note book or Binder

-2 Pens

-2 High liters

-Dictionary or Thesaurus

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